Is Vehicle Tracking Right for Your Business?

Depending on your company size and industry, you may want to consider a vehicle tracking system to make operations smoother as well as save on costs.

The main reason businesses opt for vehicle tracking is that it allows them to know where their vehicles are at any given moment.

The insights that GPS tracking provides can hugely benefit service orientated businesses such as taxi company’s and couriers. The technology provides a platform for more efficient dispatch and better customer service communications.

If you’re a haulage or long-distance business looking to maximise route efficiency and save on delivery time and fuel, then GPS tracking can help do this for you.

Find out how your business can benefit from having a vehicle tracking system

Vehicle Tracking Features

Boosting productivity, knowing where your drivers are and reducing operational costs are just some of the benefits that come with utilising vehicle tracking software.

Real Time Updates

See where vehicles are in real time and keep up to date with traffic and weather conditions. You will also receive immediate updates and alerts about any issues.

Route Optimisation

Plan routes more efficiently and ensure that drivers stick to the predetermined routes. This will help cut delivery times, plan more fuel efficient routes and save on fuel costs.

Mobile Phone Tracking

Thanks to the cloud technology, you can access your vehicle data from any location - you’ll just need the mobile app.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Improving driver behaviour can help reduce strain on the vehicles and fuel costs. You can collect information on speed, fast acceleration and hard braking, using telematics technology.

What About the Cost?

Vehicle trackers can be reasonably priced. You can rent a basic system from as little as £7.50 per vehicle, per month, or opt for an advanced version for upwards of £50 per vehicle, per month. There are also options to buy an active tracking system outright.

Factors that can influence the cost are your fleet size, choice of tracker, tracking needs, installation type and whether you lease or buy outright.

Regardless of what you choose, keep an eye out for additional costs such as set up and installation, software integration, tech support, and termination fees. These will vary by supplier so its best to ask directly what these costs could be.

The easiest way to find the exact price is by filling in our quick questionnaire. We’ll then match you with vehicle tracking providers who’ll offer specific pricing based on your requirements.

Did you know? 74,769 vehicles were reported stolen to the DVLA in 2020 - an average of 205 per day.

On the flip side, 95% of vehicles fitted with GPS tracking are returned to owners and 86% are found and returned within just 24 hours

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